Tools Department

If you need to repair something...

What is this?

You need tools do repair your bike, car, or to improve your room? We're the ones to call!

How much will it cost?
You can choose for yourself how much it was worth renting the tools or the service. Please note that we rely on donations to secure that the next one also hast quality tools to work with. We only need to charge material you use and take with you.

Can I rent the tools department for several hours or an entire day?
Yes you can, but in that case, you are in charge to clean the tools department after using it.

Deposit regulation:
You either need to deposit your Student ID, ID Card or Passport. In case of loss or destruction we have to charge the caused damage.

Where is it?

How to contact?

Just write us an Email:
or call us: +49 174 6540608

Who is responsible?

Alexander Hadorn
Pfaffenwaldring 48D 204