Relax and feel good...

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

For real, we've got a sauna in our dormitories!

It's located right next to the front door of building No. 42E. It's built for the max. of 6 people.
Coming in, it has a small room, where you can change. It is also equipped with a shower, a toilette, a stereo and lots of sauna oils.

But there are sauna-rules you have to follow!

The person renting the sauna pays 3€, other friends coming along pay 1€ each.

Stuff you should bring to use the sauna:

  • flip flops
  • 1 big towel to lay on
  • 1 towel to dry after showering
  • shower gel and shampoo
  • something to drink
  • bath robe for preference

Where is it?

What is the process of renting the sauna?

Just send your preferred date, your name and the number of people via E-mail to If you write your phone number into the E-mail, the following communication will be via WhatsApp.

Current contact is Pascal Kloppmann. He is responsible for the whole renting process and for picking dates.


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