Für Zwischenvermietungen

What is this?

The Wohnungsreferat is responsible for subletting the rooms of the dormitories Pfaffenhof I
& II. We offer the ONLY legal possibility at Pfaffenhof to rent or sublet a room for a short
period of time outside the Studentenwerk.

Rent a room

Our waiting list is usually pretty long, so in case you need a room you will have to take care
of things as early as possible.

In order for you to be eligible for a room, you have to be an enrolled student with a valid
student ID. Preferred are students, interns or generally people involved with the University of
Stuttgart as the dormitories are part of the Studentenwerk Stuttgart.

The maximum occupancy for a room is 3 months.

You can either come by in person during our office hours or send as an e-mail to apply for a
room. In that case, please provide us with the following information:

Email :   wore@pfaffenhof.net
Subject : Applly for a room

- Pre- and name :
- E-Mail :
- Desired period (only full months) : 01.01.2017 - 31.03.2017 (example)
- Mobile number (in case for questions) : 

Name, mobile number, e-mail address, the period of time during which you need a room

We will then put you onto our waiting list and notify you as soon as we have found a room
available for you.

However, before you can actually move in, we need a deposit of 400,- €. In addition we impose
a onetime fee of 5,- € for out services and 10,- € per month will be taken from your deposit to
support the Pfaffenhof Tutorien e.V.!

The dates for moving in are always the first workday of the month. The dates for moving out are accordingly always the last workday of the month. Alternatively we can only offer our office hours.

Internet does cost 7 € per month and has to be registered at Selfnet. https://www.selfnet.de/

In addition, the tenant obtains his registration certificate as well a copy of the contract, which is needed for the application of the internet. Also the mailbox name sign can be obtained at our office.



Sublet a room

If you want to sublet your room please come minimum two week before into our office during the office hours.

We will be happy to deal with any other questions or technicalities not covered here either
during office hours or via e-mail.

Email:   wore@pfaffenhof.net
Subject: Dorm-Subbleting

After you send us an email we will contact and sed the a forms for dormitory sublease.

Where is it?

Office Hours


7.00 pm to 8.00 pm


eMail: wore@pfaffenhof.net


Pfaffenwaldring 50C
70569 Stuttgart


directly next to the "Goldenen Trichter"/Partyroom

Who is responsible?

Andreas Alles
Sabrina König
Denis Lamaj
Ina Lusche
Philippe Ruther